Seed Packets


These fully personalised Seed Packets provide you with an inexpensive and effective way to promote your product or service.

Use your imagination and creative flair to design your seed packet to give the maximum impact. Design it as a Business Card to hand out to prospective clients or even as a Postcard to use as a mailer.

We are here to offer advice on types and varieties of seed that will best support your campaign. With more than 1200 different Flower, Vegetable, Herb and Tree seeds in stock, you will be able to choose something for everyone.

Benefits of Seed Packets:

  • Lightweight – Easy to handle. Post at standard letter rate.
  • Versatile – Use as a handout, Mailer or as a component in a Goody Bag.
  • Creative – Huge range of seeds of all types, colours and varieties. Mixed varieties in one packet!
  • High Impact – Entire surface area front and back printed 4-col process from your artwork.
  • Desirable – Colourful Flowers, Tasty Herbs and Vegetables and Trees.


Our latest development. This packet is 100% eco-friendly, degradable and compostable. The paper is made from waste plant fibres and laminated with a film of food-starch for it to be hermetically sealed.

These packets are also printed using a soya based, food-safe ink and filled with any seeds of your choice.


Our Seed Pocket allows short-run production of bespoke seed packets with a Minimum Order Quantity of only 50 pcs.

This 80gsm white recycled paper pocket is printed 4-col process to both sides from your artwork. The pockets are then filled with one of our standard inner packs or loose seeds, giving you a wide range to choose from.


The Kraft process is a process for conversion of wood into wood pulp consisting of almost pure cellulose fibres. These fibres are used in the production of paper, bringing a very natural and organic feel to the product.

Kraft pockets are digitally printed 4-col process from your artwork allowing us to offer a very small minimum order quantity of only 50 packets.

Pockets are filled with one of our standard inner packs or loose seeds, giving you a wide choice of varieties.


When you have an important message to deliver and you are in a hurry, our Standard Seed Packets are available from stock and can even be despatched on the same day as your order.

These packets are in a very convenient size of 62 x 80mm, almost like a business card. Select from seven popular varieties; Sunflower, Cornflower, Poppy, Mixed Summer Flowers, Butterfly & Bee mixture, Forget me not and Mixed Herbs.

Personalise these packets with either 1-col Foil block print or with a clear acetate label, digitally printed 4-col process, both from your own artwork.


Plain and simple and perfect for use in a growing kit or as an enhancement to a direct mail piece where it has supporting material.

Can be used as a stand-alone Seed Packet but options for personalisation are limited to either 1-col Foil block print or the application of a digitally printed label.

For higher levels of personalisation, please see our Standard Seed Packet, Bespoke Seed Packet, Seed Pockets and Plant Fibre Seed Packet.

Prices are dependent on order quantity and printing requirements.
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